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Sèvre & Belle

Sèvre & Belle is the dairy of the goat cheese. With a 24 hours milk collection, with a very traditional process, they are known for their large range of hand-ladle moulded cheeses and A.O.C. butters (cow and goat). With Sèvre & Belle you can trust the finest care is dedicated to its worldwide famous specialty goat cheeses and butters.

Sèvre & Belle makes part of the C.L.S. (Coopérative Laitière de la Sèvre) which is one of the most famous Coops of Charente-Poitou. They are specialized in Premium goat-milk cheeses and traditional churn butters.

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The raw milk Chevrot (also exists in pasteurized milk)

Maître Seguin Sélection du Crémier log

A.O.C. Charentes-Poitou Churn butter


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