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Our activity
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  • Our core business
    Interval is the export department of 12 dairies, all flowers of the French dairy know-how and mastering local fine specialties. Our partners all prioritize quality from quantity. Strong of 39 years of experience, Interval is proud to export more than 4 700 tons of French cheeses, butters and creams in 36 countries, mainly towards America (58% of our sales), Europe (25%) and Asia. 

  • Our services

    While being directly invoiced by several of our high-end dairies, Interval will remain your unique interlocutor for all business operations.

    We represent the best dairies of their kind, we negotiate fair prices to sustain each link in the dairy chain, we organize logistics, we animate the references and much more. Tell us your need, we surely have the expertise to answer it!

  • Our ambitions

    Preserve and develop our French culinary heritage.
    Create and duplicate a stress-free and durable business model. Share our values with the greatest number of
    Epicurians worldwide.

  • Our figures

12 dairy partners

1981: Interval’s launch

39 years of experience
4 700T exported in 2019
46 M € of sales per year
163 worldwide clients in 2019
36 countries: our geographical coverage
5 offices: France, USA (SF, NY), Benelux, UK

Some of our collaborations may be exclusive to selected export zones. Feel free to contact us.

Our Dairies
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